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Financial Planning

What is the value of advice?

What is the value of advice?

My goal is to help you explore the consequences of your financial decisions before you make them.

Some advisors will tell you they do financial planning. They’ll take your information—your age, your savings, whether or not you have life insurance—put it into the computer and print out a document they will tell you is a financial plan. That is not what I do with my clients. 

The financial planning process  

My financial planning process generally consists of three meetings in a 6-week period. At the first meeting, we will gather and review your financial information (see checklist). I then analyze and input the data into your personal financial website. At the second meeting, we can review the rough draft plan and discuss your priorities in great detail, and together we strategize on a path forward. The last meeting consists of a final plan presentation of my recommendations with action steps.

Once we’ve worked through these 3 meetings, we have a plan. I believe the true value of a financial plan is realized in the action phase. To help you along the way, I provide customized monitoring and support to fit your needs with the goal of ensuring that the plan is implemented and maintained.

<b>Accumulation&#160; &#160;&#160;</b>


A saving and investing period that usually runs from your early working years until your late 40s.



A time to manage your funds and transition to more conservative investing, usually your 50s and early 60s.



The time when you begin your post-work life and live off your investment income. 



A time to pass down what you’ve learned and acquired to the next generation.

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"Dont be delinquent in payments to your future."

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